Scientists: diet was good for the heart

According to a new study by scientists from Canada, people with heart disease, observing a healthy diet, a low level of risk of death associated with heart attack or stroke.

A healthy diet should include lots of fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts. The specialists of the University, Hamilton (Ontario) conducted a study and identified products, the most beneficial for the cardiovascular system, as well as their degree of usefulness.

So, when healthy eating:

the risk of death from stroke is reduced by 35%;

the possibility of a heart attack is lower by 14%;

heart failure by 28%;

stroke by 19%.

This work was the first major international study demonstrates the ability of healthy food globally to prevent heart attack and stroke among those who are already receiving drugs to cure high blood pressure or lower cholesterol. It was attended by 31546 people over the age of 55 years from 14 countries. In the histories of all participants were heart attack, stroke or diabetes and All other participants were assigned to receive necessary medication, but therapy is not delivered them from high risk of heart attack, stroke and other complications of the cardiovascular system.

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Researchers conducted a survey on the availability in their diet during the past 12 months of fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish, meat, poultry and dairy products. Over 5 years of observations from a heart attack and a stroke suffered 5190 people. It turned out that if you follow the rules of healthy nutrition, the risk of heart attack and stroke was much lower than those who ate the most unhealthy". It should be noted that these figures do not influence the type or combination made by the people of cardiac drugs, ethnicity, income, age or other risk factors for heart disease.

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