Scientists: diet menu should be favorite products

A group of scientists from Duke University have established that losing weight people to give up eating your favorite foods and dishes. Their inclusion in the diet of the danger of overeating and gaining weight instead of losing weight. In total the study involved 207 volunteers sitting on a diet under medical supervision for 48 weeks.

Half of the subjects had to choose from a diet low in carbohydrates and diet with a minimal amount of fat. The first embodiment preference is given to 58% of the group, the second option is like 42%. Note, after 12 weeks, the volunteers were able to change the diet. People from the second group followed the diet prescribed by scientists.

Managed to prove that a self-selected diet and eating for weight loss interfere with weight loss. Usually people choose favorite foods and eat them. The results of the study confirm this: if you choose diet the volunteers lost on average 5.7 kg, while the subjects from the second group lost weight 6.7 kg.

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