Scientists: diabetes increases the risk of heart attack in young women

Experts from the Institute of Cardiology alert: diabetes mellitus is one of the main risk factors for stroke. At particular risk are young women aged 21 to 45 years. About it reports The Hindustan Times.

Researchers analyzed the health status 7386 women and found a number of risk factors affecting the development of stroke. Heaviest the probability of disease increased diabetes (almost 6 times).

A little about the other factors. High blood pressure increased the risk by 4 times, elevated cholesterol 3 times, Smoking in 1.6 times. Defined relation between obesity and stroke, scientists have found.

Diabetes itself is a terrible disease and leads to a huge number of diseases. The decrease in visual acuity, kidney disease and heart, all this can be prevented if we engage in timely prevention and treatment of disease.

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