Scientists determined the age at which people most popular

The majority believes that the popularity reaches its peak in the College or school. Usually this time is associated with carelessness and lots of friends. A recent study by researchers from the Genius Gluten Free proves that the peak of popularity falls to 29 years. The data were published Tech Times.

In research took part 1505 volunteers from the UK. Scientists were able to establish for 30 years people have an average of 80 friendships. By this age, he feels young, but manages to acquire friends and colleagues. According to research, the average Briton has 64 other. Mostly friendly relations in the workplace, friends at school and the Institute usually forgotten, and the games are quite rare.

In the USA the peak of popularity accounts for 23 years. There friends, as a rule, are of the same age. In addition, most Americans have time to 23 years to graduate from College and start working that allows them to communicate in two social groups.

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