Scientists determine how many eggs are left in women

Scientists from the University of St Andrews has invented a simple hormone test, which determines the speed of the biological clock of women and identify the completion of childbearing age.

This invention can produce a revolution in the field of family planning, as it can easily predict the onset of menopause in women and to give accurate information on how long Zhenya may postpone the birth of children.

It will also save infertile couples from expensive. But in the final account is useless costs of in vitro fertilization, predicting the chances of successful conception.

It is known that women are born with a finite number of eggs, on average, one to two million, which gradually emerge from them every month until menopause. Fertility among women decreases significantly after 35 years, although for each woman age fertility decline individual.

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Recent studies have revealed that the activity of the hormone AMH reflects the activity of the ovaries and can give information about the number of remaining eggs. Predicting the duration of fertile age can be extremely important, many women quite possibly soon will get a warning about the end they childbearing age, so they should hurry up with conceiving.

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