Scientists: dependence on marijuana is due to heredity and genes

Three of the gene associated with dependence on marijuana, was discovered by the specialists from the USA. They consider not only the environment and lifestyle influence the formation of drug dependence.

Note, scientists have described genetic markers form a dependence on indirect mechanisms. The individual genes make a person more prone to depression and depressed state. Cannabis temporarily relieves the symptoms, and may cause the development of drug addiction.

There are a number of studies demonstrating that regular consumption of "grass" significantly increases the risk of developing schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Especially dangerous is the Smoking of the drug in children and adolescents.

The attitude towards marijuana in the world. In some countries this plant is prohibited, and its cultivation is threatened by prison term. In other allowed to grow a few bushes at home or buy the drug in specialty stores. Thirdly marijuana use solely for medical purposes.

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