Scientists: dependence on cigarettes and nicotine only in the mind of the smoker

Researchers from the US have shown a purely psychological nature of nicotine dependence using the experience with cigarettes-flops. Nicotine acts on the most smokers only if they believe in his presence in tobacco, writes Frontiers in Psychiatry.

"We tested how a person's beliefs about their preferences affect what he feels while Smoking, and followed activity in the brain. The results of our experiments show that man should believe that he takes this drug, or medication that they affected him", say the researchers from the University of Texas.

Volunteers were given real cigarettes or tobacco products without nicotine and reported on the nicotine content in cigarette. Some of the subjects scientists lied and said that cigarette contains a lot of nicotine though the cigarette was a "pacifier".

As it turned out, the apparent effect on smokers nicotine does not produce. Dependence on cigarettes – it is purely psychological. The agony of withdrawal when breaking a bad habit most of its far-fetched. To quit Smoking, scientists believe, simple. Enough of this strong desire, and no help from doctors or pharmaceuticals is not required.

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