Scientists: day dream is dangerous for the heart

Sleep better at night. So say experts from the United States. In one recent study, they analyzed data on the health status of 112 thousand people. It turned out that daytime sleep increases the risk of hypertension and diseases associated with high pressure in the blood vessels.

In some cases, tell the scientists, it can increase the pressure. A couple hours of sleep a day will not replace a full night's sleep. That is why experts advise not to work in night shifts. According to many studies, night work – one of the most dangerous factors that impact on human health.

Back to the results of work done by scientists. It turned out that daytime sleep raises blood pressure numbers by an average of 5% compared to the norm. Note that you can sleep during the day no one stops. Just to make it better in the interval between 13 and 15 hours. The vacation itself should not exceed one hour.

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