Scientists: dark skin color is the result of evolution

Scientists have found that cancer processes stood at the head of the mechanisms of evolution. Aggressive sun is one of the factors in the development of skin cancer. It is protective mechanisms has led to a dark and rough skin of the people of Africa, writes The Daily Mail. So evolution has protected Africans from skin cancer.

Scientists suggest that in the beginning all people have light skin color. Changes originate 1,2-1,8 million years ago. Dark skin was allowed ancient people to survive in a hostile environment. It is worth noting that among the Negroes there are albinos, but they often do not live up to 30 years and die from melanoma.

Scientists ask the question: can a modern person to independently develop protection against cancer? It is proved that street work thicket leads to cancer processes and the development of tumors. Today it is difficult to judge, because the process of evolution covers a huge period of time.

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