Scientists: daily pleasures are important to humans

Man can not live without daily pleasures, but not all of them benefit. About the study scientists from the UK publication tells BBC Future.

Many people find it difficult to stop Smoking. Experts cite another argument in favor of life without this bad habit. According to recent studies, one pack of cigarettes a day reduces life expectancy by an average of 7 years.

Still hurts to sit behind the TV. Two hours a day on the couch with the remote control shortens life by one year. A similar effect was observed for sausages, not the most healthy food.

Does not bring any benefit and alcohol. There is only one caveat in the form of high-quality wines in small quantities. While there is no confirmation about the dangers of one glass of wine per day for a healthy adult. Teenagers and also pregnant women even wine are strictly contraindicated.

So, there are fun, beneficial to health. Elementary workout in the gym strengthen the body. Moreover, rather 20 minutes of physical activity a day to prolong a happy life without diseases. Positive effect have high-quality coffees and teas. These drinks are not harmful and reduces the risk of depression, improve mood.

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