Scientists created a smell that is difficult to perceive by the nose

Human eyes have the ability to the same perception of certain sets of different colors of the spectrum. When the unwinding of the circle printed on it the colors of the rainbow merge them into one color - white. Observing the same effect is possible in acoustics. The merge of multiple keywords. sounds into a single "white noise" makes it impossible to distinguish its individual components by the human ear.

Israeli scientists from Batmanesque Institute conducted a new study that shows the spread of such principles and smells. A person in a particular area of the nasal cavity contains several hundred variations of olfactory receptors, each of which is recognition of the particular smell. Researchers to study the reactions of our smell mixed a lot of different smells.

According to co-author research Professor Noam Sobel, the probability of obtaining a mixture of more specific smell by adding to it a large number of new components is not justified.

According to the journal PNAS in on this subject article, used by scientists 86 chemical compounds contained a wide range of scents, from "pleasant" to "unpleasant". Their dilutions were performed to achieve the same intensity of odors.

Then at the bottom of a specially prepared vessel was placed a few drops of different substances, preventing them from mixing. Thus, there was a formation of several tens of mixtures consisting of components from one to 43-H. 56 volunteers were asked to smell the mixture to distinguish one from another.

The participants of the experiment was easy for the job, if the composition consisted of a few different substances. But when reaching the 20 components they identified some of the mixture, not containing common components as having the same smell. Most mixtures, containing more than 30 components, were not distinguished by volunteers as different.

According to scientists, the identification of the sources that create this "white smell" in nature, it is hardly possible. Odors emitted by roses and dirty socks, contain many elements, but easily distinguished us. This is due to the chemical relationship of the individual components of these mixtures and, most importantly, a greater intensity of the smell of some components in comparison with others. And to enter the brain in confusion, you need the irritation of many receptors with the same degree.

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Of extreme interest is the work of Israeli scientists because it helps to understand the neurophysiology of man, facilitates the study of olfactory receptors, the principles on which the signals are processed in the brain.

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