Scientists create human heart on a 3D printer

Research group of the University of Louisville, headed by Stuart Williams talked about the possibility in the near future, creating a heart on a 3D printer, writes TG Daily. The body will be a natural hybrid muscle tissue and artificial skeleton. It is assumed that the transplant process will not differ from the standard procedure of transplantation of the heart.

Note, last year scientists "printed" on such printers are not one body. Were the experiments on the reconstruction of the liver, bones, nose and ears. However, the heart is really a complicated system. In this experiment, the scientists were able to create a separate valves and venous system.

In the base printed heart will enter the cells of the patient that will solve the problem of tissue rejection after implantation. Heart will collect in the laboratory and then transplanted with the help of surgery. Plans to conduct the first clinical trial of an artificial heart in five years. Success in this area will be a real breakthrough in medicine.

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