Scientists: corrective underwear causes heartburn and skin infections

On the eve of the Gastroenterologist John Kemmerle in cooperation with the dermatologist Marianne Michel conducted a series of observations, allowing to judge about the impact of the tightening of correction underwear in women's health. As it turned out, it causes heartburn and promotes the development of skin infections.

While wearing this lingerie much pressure on the stomach and intestines. The result is that the woman gets problems with digestion. Heartburn and reflux is a common thing for fans slimming underwear. The reflux lead to ulceration of the mucous membrane of Flatulence and indigestion is a common symptoms. Doctors warn not to wear corrective underwear people with irritable bowel syndrome.

Reduction of the lumen of the intestine and its compression leads to indigestion and incontinence. Such people go to the toilet more often than usual. In addition, waist shorts do not give a fully operational aperture. This leads to stagnation in the lungs and loss of opportunity to make a full breath.

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There were cases of compression of large and peripheral nerves in the legs. Long wearing leads to thrombus formation and tissue edema. Constant contact with the elastic material causes skin irritation and the formation of skin infections.

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