Scientists: complete cure of multiple sclerosis - the reality

Traditional therapy of multiple sclerosis helps only in the early stages of the disease. Scientists have found a method that will slow the progression of disease at any stage, writes Fox News. To confirm the information needed to conduct experiments involving laboratory mice.

The group of paralyzed mice with a predisposition to multiple sclerosis entered the human neural stem cells. After two weeks the mice began to recover locomotor activity.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. The body attacks its own cells. As a result suffers the protective sheath of the nerves. If it is damaged or absence of nerve signal travels in patients deteriorating vision, speech, memory, develops depression.

In the new approach, scientists rely on complex treatment. The method reduces the level of inflammation in the nervous system, stimulates the process of regeneration of the myelin sheath of nerves. Within six months after the first injection state laboratory animals were recovered.

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Note, entered nerve cells after ten days of exclusion. Now the researchers plan to develop protein imitation in the form of a special drug. Using injections of neural stem cells for the person - not the best option today. Before the first clinical trials, according to scientists from three to five years.

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