Scientists compiled the original list of things that improve health

Everyone knows that proper diet regime for rational and physical activity - is the key to excellent health. However, there are a number of things that can improve the quality of life, but not all use them. Findings were published in The Herald Sun.

First on the list was video games. They improve cognitive function, short term memory of a person, affect the focus. Joint games increase cohesion.

The second lesson is choral singing. It gives a sense of unity, the ability to be in the team. In addition, singing improves breathing calms. The effect of singing is similar to yoga.

Thirds obvious thing was pessimism. Research of German scientists prove that the objective view of things and a critical attitude towards others and allow yourself to live longer and more attentive to their health.

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The last factor sunscreen. Its constant use slows skin aging. Data were confirmed by Australian scientists. The experiment proved that the systematic application of the cream reduces the signs of aging by 24%. It is known that ultraviolet rays have a negative impact on collagen (an integral part of the skin) and destroy it. The result of this process, the skin loses elasticity.

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