Scientists come closer to solving the mystery of restless legs syndrome

Still modern medicine could not give a clear definition of the restless legs syndrome. This mysterious disorder that is characterized by tingling and itching in the legs, which is manifested most often in the night, and not giving the normal person to sleep and relax. Because of the unpleasant sensations, he is forced to constantly be in motion, and so far the doctors could not give an answer, what is the cause of such disorders.

To shed some light on this mysterious disease has helped the opening of the seven bodies of people, carried out by the Johns Hopkins University and medical College of Penn state. It showed that people suffering from this disease, were found some abnormalities in the brain. For comparison was also conducted an autopsy of the five bodies of the people, not suffering from this syndrome, according to News Fix.

In the opening special pathological changes were found, except that the cells of the mid-brain felt deficiency. A deeper analysis has determined that these cells are similar to cells affected during Parkinson's disease, do not have protein, which is required for iron absorption. Thus, the cells themselves have no need for iron, and the case in the brain, which can't use them.

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