Scientists come closer to creating a cure for heart failure

The team of specialists at Stanford University found a gene that could change the approach to the treatment of heart failure. In the nearest plans of scientists create drug that affect genetic structure. Note, preliminary results say about the electoral action of such a mechanism. For some, the treatment may be a salvation, for others the drug just won't work, says Zee News.

One of the genes, scientists found, is responsible for the inhibitory neurotransmitter orexin. This substance is actively involved in the activities of the cardiovascular system. In the experiment, the rats were artificially caused heart failure and tried to improve vital signs of animals by various methods.

The introduction of orexin, the study found, give the heart more strength to resist failure. In animals, increased the ejection fraction of blood, increased General activity. Scientists suggest that orexin and modern approaches in genetics may be the next step in the treatment of heart disease in humans.

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