Scientists: coffee reduces the risk of developing diabetes of the second type

The analysis of the metadata obtained in the course of 28 studies, has allowed American scientists to find out an interesting fact. It turns out that natural coffee may reduce risk of developing diabetes of the second type. The results were published in Diabetes Care.

In the study, researchers found that when taking into account proper nutrition and adequate assessment of caffeine on the body, it is safe to say that coffee can reduce the frequency of manifestations of this disease.

Diabetes is studied for a long time. Special attention to the disease attracted in recent years. Scientists and doctors approached early diagnosis and proper treatment. The essence of pathology vasana with impaired metabolism. As a rule, avoid diabetes of the second type can, if you eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, the disease is a genetic predisposition.

Previously, scientists have proven that caffeine interferes with the sleep. Particularly coffee effect if you eat it earlier than six hours before bedtime. The constant use of the drink reduces the average duration of sleep for an hour, at the same time, the quality suffers.

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