Scientists: coffee helps patients with liver cirrhosis

The research team from the National University of Singapore found that organic coffee has a positive impact on the course of liver cirrhosis. A daily intake of drink improves the functioning of the body and the patient's condition. Asian scientists claim that coffee can reduce the risk of death in this disease.

In the study, scientists observed 63 thousand people aged 45-73 years. The trial itself lasted for 15 years. Volunteers shared information about their lifestyle, diet. Interested scientists overall health, the condition of the liver and the average number of consumed coffee.

It turned out that a couple of cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of death by cirrhosis of the liver by 60% when compared with the mortality rates among people, coffee is not consuming.

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It is interesting that coffee affects only non-viral hepatitis nature. Hepatitis B, for example, will develop in their own way under any conditions.

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