Scientists: cocaine triggers the destruction of brain cells

This is the conclusion the researchers in the experiment on laboratory mice. Large doses of the drug cause the neurons in the brain to eat itself from the inside. Is this process a positive side: micro-portions of the drug "cleanse" the brain of unwanted cells, however, question the usefulness of certain structures in the nervous system remains open, writes The Daily Mail.

Because of cocaine use, the cells lose their organelles. As a result, in neurons, mutations appear, they disappear mitochondria and other important structures. Cocaine, trying to clear the cell from the extra kills her.

Scientists want to develop a drug which could lower the toxicity of cocaine and was protected from negative consequences. However, speech about the absence of correlation is not, any drug will cause pathological traction and seriously harm the body, bringing death. Even if we manage to reduce the impact on the brain, cocaine will continue to increase pressure and create extreme stress on the cardiovascular system.

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