Scientists: climate affects the taste of food and drinks

Not once scientists have proved that the taste sensations of a person depends on many factors. In particular, spoke about the influence of color plates, size of plates. New research tells us about the formation of the taste of food and drinks under the influence of the environment, writes the BBC.

Scientists have interesting data. Creaking floors and fireplaces, for example, enhance the taste of alcohol. This can be used in the production and presentation of whiskey and wine. Now, the manufacturer must take care not only about the taste of the product, but also about the packaging. "The real scope for imagination" - said the Director of Diageo Nick Keane.

Scientists say a new direction in food industry - neuropathologie, the connection between taste sensations and their formation on the background of the environment and other factors. As it turned out, the taste of the food is really possible to act without changing their composition.

So Professor Spence conducted an experiment in one of the restaurants. Specialty restaurant - ice cream with eggs and bacon. Under the sound of the squeaking sounds of chickens and fried bacon visitors stronger assessed the meat component of food than ice cream.

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