Scientists: cigarettes affect the brain of men and women differently

Experts from Yale University have found: the brains of men and women respond differently to Smoking. The discovery will help in the development of new methods of struggle with nicotine addiction.

Data were established during MRI brain scans of volunteers cigarette Smoking. In men, the nervous system reacts to nicotine faster. Nicotine dependence in this case is equivalent to physiological needs.

Women in most cases smoke to escape and relax. From this dependence is relatively easier to get rid of.

A recent study published in the journal Science, proves that male smokers often women are faced with cancer.

Scientists pay attention to the problem area. Nicotine dependence belongs to the category of psychological, in order to get rid of it, you just need the desire to become better. If yourself from cigarettes to cancel does not work, will help the doctors.

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