Scientists chose the most dangerous diet

According to experts, more than a billion people worldwide are overweight. On the urgency of the problem is not influenced by social and professional background, area of residence, age and gender. Overweight almost half of the population in developed countries, 30% of whom are obese. Among Russians with a diagnosis of obesity live 30% of people of working age and 25% have overweight.

The main cause of obesity in Russia - poor diet, including eating. The reasons for this are different: stress, lack of positive emotions, inability to follow-power mode, the limited choice of diet.

Therefore, the most effective and fastest way to fight obesity is often considered to be diet, characterized by the availability and does not require a hospital visit.

A large part of girls and older women, hoping to get rid of extra pounds, are fond of a variety of diets, no matter how they are harmless to health.

The researchers analyzed the diet and incorporated them into the Top 5 most dangerous diets that are not just particularly harmful, but also threaten irreversible health effects:

1. Tablet diet is considered to be the most dangerous. After watching all sorts of advertising, giving all sorts of pills, teas, and other bells and whistles miraculous efficiency, women, not feeling under the feet, rushing in pharmacies, hoping that dozens of extra pounds will disappear for one month. In fact, swallowing handfuls of pills, drink gallons of tea, is very harmful for the female body and is fraught with all sorts of diseases.

2. Drinking diet - feature of having used liquid food. Few people know that this diet is retarded the work of the intestine.

3. Mono-diet - is one of the most popular diets and involves eating only apples or buckwheat, or any other product. The harm of such diets is to limit the body's production of useful substances. No need to process inhibits the functioning of the body. In the future may be disturbed metabolism.

4. Protein diet is associated with the need to exclude from the diet products that do not contain proteins. Girls begin to eat only fish and meat, refusing flour products, fruit and vegetables. This is a very harmful effect on the kidneys and metabolism.

5. Sweet diet - sweets might seem like a dream: to eat only sweets, but still losing weight. But not everything is rosy. According to doctors, the intake of huge amounts of carbohydrates can cause severe headaches, discomfort and disrupt the life cycle of the organism.

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Of course, nobody is going to cancel diets. But don't torture yourself, to exhaust the body. Remember that harmful and useless diets not only takes time, energy and nerves, but just will not give the desired result.

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