Scientists: cholesterol depends on gender and social status

Experts from the University of Cambridge proved that the level of "bad" cholesterol has a close relationship to gender, social status and income level. Thus, in men, the amount of cholesterol is strongly dependent on the presence or absence of physical activity. Excess fat and cholesterol prevent the vessel to distill the blood at normal speed, prevent blood flow, writes The Daily Mail.

Only the study involved more than 22 thousand volunteers aged 39-79 years. Scientists have looked at the following indicators of body Mass Index, amount of alcohol consumed and the social status of people. The analysis was performed on the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The data obtained confirmed the assumptions of the experts. Women with a decent education level of cholesterol was below. Moreover, the index is not dependent on the amount of alcohol consumed. If you compare the cholesterol of men and women among the female population, its level is relatively higher.

Cholesterol men strongly depends on the lifestyle: addiction to alcohol, trips to the gym and work type. Scientists believe that exercise reduces levels of "bad" cholesterol and act as prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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