Scientists: chocolate will save men from strokes

Swedish scientists have shown that eating certain dose of chocolate, men can reduce the risk of stroke.

This is not the first study on the identification of the relationship between the consumption of chocolate and maintaining cardiovascular health. But this is the first time scientists were able to establish that chocolate can help reduce the number of cases of haemorrhage among men. During the study of the beneficial properties of chocolate was attended by about 37,1 thousands of Swedes aged 49 to 75 years. They answered questions about their diet and exactly how often eat chocolate.

Hospitals were given to the researchers with data on cases of primary heart attacks. According to their statistics over a period of 10 years was recorded 1,995 thousand cases of hemorrhage in the brain. Researchers have noticed the trend that those subjects who ate a week about 63 grams of chocolate had lower risk (17% lower) stroke compared with men who do not use this delicacy. This percentage means that 100 thousand people per year accounted for 12 cases of hemorrhage in the brain is less if compared with those subjects who do not eat chocolate. Another 14% you can reduce the risk of transfer stroke, if you increase weekly dose of chocolate for another 50 grams.

By the way, if it was previously thought that only dark chocolate good for the heart and blood vessels, in the above-described Swiss study in 90% of cases the participants had used milk chocolate.

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