Scientists: chocolate is a much healthier fruit juices

American scientists after observing volunteers in research was established by the fact that dark chocolate is many times more useful than fruit juices. This unique property sweetness attributable to high levels of antioxidants.

Though it may seem surprising, but it sounds like that chocolate and cocoa powder is many times more antioxidants than fruit and berry juices. For this reason, and beneficial effects of dark chocolate on the body more powerful.

Recall the fact that antioxidants constrain the action of oxidative processes that affect the quality of the damaging effects on the cells of our body.

These substances (antioxidants) found in large quantities in chocolate, fruits and berries.

The higher level of antioxidants of all the varieties of dark chocolate, cranberries, pomegranate and blueberry. Moreover, in the chocolate and cocoa powder (or drink) them much more. And it says one thing - dark chocolate is a kind of elixir of long-term depression and simply bad mood. To the above list, you can add and also bananas.

If you are depressed and depressing mood - chocolate and banana will come to your aid.

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