Scientists: chocolate and pizza do not affect the mood

Scientists from America have dispelled the myth that pizza, ice cream and many other delicious and unhealthy foods is not impacted by a person's mood. In the study, the scientific team from the Institute of Minnesota showed volunteers videos with sad content. Video spoiled the mood of the subjects.

Next, participants were divided into three groups. The first group received "soothing foods" (chocolate, pizza, ice cream), the second group – the menu of the restaurant with exclusively healthy foods. The third group was used to control volunteers from it do not eat foods.

Scientists have found that the presence or absence of food did not affect the mood of volunteers. Pizza and chocolate is not uplifting. It turns out that the effect of food on people's emotions is overrated. Definitely, the food allows you to experience pleasurable feelings during the meal, but on a common psychological background, it is unlikely to be impacted.

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