Scientists: children are already three years are dissatisfied with their body

Psychologists are sounding the alarm: even the youngest children begin critical of your body. According to the survey of Tutors of kindergartens, about one third of children aged three to five years, call themselves fat. About 10% of children consider themselves to be ugly. Increasingly, kids Express a criticism towards their appearance, says The Daily Mail.

Some children aged 6 to 10 years old already know about methods of losing weight and trying to practice. Someone even refuses to eat for fear of gaining extra weight. The case in television and other ways of delivering information to children. Parents need to give their urgent attention to the problem, say psychologists.

Parents should not criticize the children your body, don't give an example. However, with the power of the child and its own power supply need to be monitored closely. Proper diet and sufficient physical activity are two keys in maintaining a healthy weight throughout life.

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