Scientists: cherry save from gout

Eat cherries to reduce the risk of gout attacks, it is advised for people suffering from disease of the joints, scientists from Boston University. American experts stress, painful gout attacks are concerned about 75% less likely, if not only eating cherries and drinking cherry juice, but also to combine this with a course of treatment with drugs that reduce the rate of uric acid in the body.

Statistics show that in America, approximately 8.3 million adults suffer from inflammatory arthritis that occurs as a consequence of the crystallization of uric acid in the joints. Gout attacks are accompanied by excruciating pain and swelling of the body tissues in affected areas. Although at the moment there are plenty of affordable drugs from gout, patients complain of recurrent attacks. It was already known that cherry reduces the production in the body, uric acid, and cherry products have anti-inflammatory properties. These data have prompted scientists to the idea of an experiment, which aimed to find out whether cherries reduce gout attacks. In research took part 633 patients of different nationalities aged about 54 years. They all suffered from gout, and 92% of the test area of the lesions of the disease was the joint of the big toe. A whole year until the last experiment, patients were required to drink regularly cherry products. 35% of the subjects ate fresh cherries, 2% charges drank cherry extract, and 5% of participants had used both. The average consumption of cherries at one time was equal to 10-12 berries.

We note that by increasing the above-mentioned daily dose of cherries, patients could not promote a positive therapeutic effect.

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