Scientists-chemists: in Ukraine in the water flowing water

According to the Director of the Institute of water chemistry and colloid chemistry of Ukraine Vladislav Goncharuk, across the country the water that flows from the tap, can be used for technical purposes only. All because of outdated treatment facilities and a huge amount of dirt in the water distribution system, the degree of danger which it is impossible to measure. Today in the EU water supplied to the population runs the analysis on 70 indicators in the United States this number is 120, while in Ukraine the water is tested for the content of harmful impurities only thirty indicators. Meanwhile, the who recommends the analysis of water quality in 95 and components. But even about the strong desire of the majority of Ukrainian laboratories can analyze even seventy European items.

However, even when the analysis on 30 indicators, tap water in Ukraine is far from perfect. For example, the manganese concentration exceeds the acceptable norm in 70% of cases analyses, aluminum - 52 percent chlorine by 42%, iron 8%. In Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk in tap water revealed exceeded several times the normal content of sulphates and iron.

According to doctors, if you use water with the content of the above substances for several years, diseases of the liver, pancreas, stomach and nervous system can not be avoided. Based on this, experts believe the quality of tap water in Ukraine technical, high, sanitary, but not undrinkable. This water can be used for floor washing, and in some cases - for washing dishes.

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