Scientists called deadly foods for dogs

Some products are absolutely safe for humans and can be fatal for a pet. Experts from the Us office of quality supervision food and drug administration (FDA) has compiled a list of dangerous foods for dogs.

You should start with the fact that the process of digestion in humans and dogs is very different. It is therefore better to completely abandon the thoughts to feed homemade dog food from the table. Totally safe product for humans can cause serious illnesses in dogs.

On the first place among dangerous products is raw meat. It can contain Salmonella and a whole host of dangerous bacteria. Should not be fed to dogs, steaks, grilled chicken and kebabs.

The prohibition also included raisins, grapes, and currants. These products cause the dog kidney disease.

Shouldn't feed a pet fatty foods, blue cheese and perishable products. The greatest danger comes from garlic, onion and savory.

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