Scientists: caffeine improves blood flow

Coffee has a lot of properties: some of them are useful, others are a mixed reaction from doctors and scientists. It is known that coffee can invigorate and empower the morning that this drink in large quantities can cause dependence and reduce the efficiency of concentration.

A study conducted by cardiologists, proves that caffeine significantly increases blood flow. This particularly applies to small vessels. In experiment took part 27 people without disease who were asked to drink a Cup of coffee, and then to assess the state of the cardiovascular system.

It turned out that coffee increased the blood flow by 30%. The effect lasted about 75 minutes. That is logical, decaffeinated coffee had no effect on blood flow in General. The study has affected young men and women aged 22 to 30 years old who consumed coffee only occasionally.

The experiment was conducted with the participation of the Doppler method. To this end, the finger pad was made of a special device that can monitor the intensity of blood flow in the microvasculature and to diagnose the pathology of capillaries. Next, the obtained data were processed by using computer equipment and compared with the initial results.

Subjects were divided into two groups. The first group drank regular coffee, the second consumed decaffeinated. However, study participants did not know which drink they drink. Next, the researchers studied the changes in blood pressure, the number of heart contractions, the degree of vascular resistance. In addition, we investigated the concentration of caffeine in the blood. Research has shown that coffee contains caffeine, slightly increased the pressure and enhanced the function of vascular endothelium. For a healthy person, these factors are favorable. However, for people with hypertension, coffee consumption may be another factor causing heart attacks.

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