Scientists: by age 30, the chances of successful conception diminish

When a person has mined 30 years, its reproductive system becomes less active. As a result, to conceive and bear a healthy child becomes much more difficult.

Separate the impact of the harm people cause to themselves. Smoking, alcohol and junk food could significantly affect the reproductive function. There are factors, which often do anything. Among them, climatic conditions and bad environment.

One of the main paradoxes for physicians is as follows. Most people begin to think about their health to 30 years when the first disease make themselves known. Follow a should always, regardless of age. Then health will be normal, and future children will be born happy and healthy.

The best age for women ready for motherhood, is 20-25 years. However, the desire to build a career and get a good education hinder motherhood. Less and less girls from developed countries give birth to children in his youth, preferring self-development.

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