Scientists: brunettes are more prone to Smoking

Research group of the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study, which revealed an interesting pattern. Scientists have found that the addiction to Smoking is associated with hair color of the person.

The most susceptible to the harmful habit were brunettes. Scientists believe that cravings meet certain pigments contained in dark hair. Thus, the deeper dark hair color, the more passion to nicotine. It is noted that the brunettes quickly get used to Smoking and difficult to cope with his addiction.

Research has shown that a high content of melanin in the hair provides quick adaptation to the harmful habit. It is noted that the blond smoke much less and easier undergo withdrawal from tobacco. In General, they are less associated with the addiction.

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The reason for such an interesting communication scientists have yet to find out. One theory is because of nicotine and melanin, resulting in the first substance faster lingers in the body and slowly excreted. This leads to a rapid formation of dependence.

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