Scientists: bras do not increase the risk of breast cancer

Previously the assumption was that the bras to blame for the increase in the number of women with breast cancer in developed countries. Cancer is a group of diseases in economically developed countries and countries with poor environment. A new study says the bra does not affect the risk of breast cancer. Wearing this garment in terms of Oncology completely safe, writes The Times of India.

The study involved women with breast cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma) - 454 cases of invasive lobular cancer - 590 cases. This is the most common cancer cases. The age of the volunteers was 55-74 years.

Women filled in questionnaires, where he talked about the volume and girth of the bra, how much time they wore every day, or not been in the bra bones, noted all the changes throughout the life.

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According to a study, not a single factor did not affect the formation of breast cancer.

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