Scientists believe vegetarians are more sexually active than meat eaters

According to the study, the sexual life of vegetarians compared to meat-lovers is more active. Most likely from foods of plant origin depends on the state levels of phytoestrogens. These results showed conducted in Uganda a study of red colobus monkeys.

According to Meddaily, with the corresponding report was made by the author Michael Wasserman of the University of California. The subject of surveillance Wasserman and his colleagues for 11 months was the life of a group of monkeys. Researchers have focused on aggression in animals, the value of which was measured by the number of chases and fights primates, the frequency of mating and time spent on personal care. At the same time produce a collection of samples of feces to track changes in hormonal levels.

It turned out with greater frequency than monkeys were engaged in eating the leaves of the tree Millettia dura, which contained compounds similar to estrogen, the greater the concentration of their body contained estradiol (sex hormone) and cortisol (stress hormone). These changes in hormone levels in animals was accompanied by a more frequent matings and more rare cleansing each other.

As told Wasserman portal when you change the level of hormones and social behavior that are important for reproduction and health, it is possible that plants have played in the evolution of primates, including man, a great role, undervalued biology.

However, it is believed that high consumption of meat, eggs and dairy products may cause people to increase cholesterol. And the problems in the intimate sphere associated with blockage of blood vessels and slowing of blood flow in the sex organs.

In addition, vegetarians rarely, usually face problems caused by being overweight, and not included in the group risk associated with heart disease, diabetes, cancer and strokes.

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