Scientists believe that tattoos are fraught with mortal danger

The group of French experts was able to draw conclusions about what to decorate the body with tattoos – it can be aesthetically pleasing (similar aesthetics, however, is very, very conditional), however, may extremely negatively affect health.

To their mind, body pictures with deep meaning may cause irreversible changes in the structure of DNA and thereby trigger the development of many different types of diseases of oncological nature.

The culprit used for tattooing dyes, some types of which can quite literally spread throughout the body, decaying in the process for microscopic components. Later these elements easily seep into the tissue of the lymph nodes, leading to the development of cancer.

The grounds for such conclusions recent research, which was attended by four volunteers, whose bodies had tattoos.

The experiment was performed excision they are small fragments of skin, covered with tattoos and careful study.

In the end, the specialists could make sure that members of such dyes substances are not always safe for the human body.

Some of them eventually seep into the deeper layers of the skin and accumulate in the lymph nodes.

In this regard, scientists recommend to pay significantly more attention to the selection of colors, with which you plan to apply to certain areas of my body tattoo.

The most secure basis for such dyes is called titanium dioxide.

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