Scientists: awareness of own goals prolongs life

Scientists from America and Britain have established a life extends not only to the welfare of man and his way of life, but the fact of the realization of their own goals, the search for meaning, self-development and motivation.

American specialists together with colleagues from the UK, the study proved that the realization of one's own life and global goals affect the lifespan along with prosperity.

Data were established during the survey 9 thousand people from the UK. The average age of respondents was 65 years. The main criterion defined by the survey was the level of human welfare. Scientists have divided the people on this criterion into two large groups: a group with high and low levels of well-being.

Next, the researchers tracked the lives of each of the participants of the study for the past 8.5 years. It turned out, not only habits, diet and lifestyle affect the duration of a person's life. Awareness of your own life and the correct formulation of goals is not less important for a long and happy life.

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