Scientists: as language can be judged on human diseases

Scientists at the College of Rajalakshmi tried to link various pathological conditions of the mucous membrane of the tongue 14 diseases. Now in some cases the diagnosis can be put on the appearance of the body, writes Microfinance Monitor.

In the course of the research was proposed image analysis of language. The program evaluates the color, texture, roughness of the mucosa. The presence of large tubercles says about the development of hypovitaminosis B12, anemia, iron deficiency. When a fungal infection of the tongue is covered with a specific raids. The black fungi develop in patients with HIV and after long-term therapy with antibiotics.

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Ulcers can be detected by colitis and Crohn's disease. There are many other symptoms, talking about diseases of the internal organs. Today, the program may 14 suspected disease, but the researchers plan to expand the list.

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