Scientists are studying the effects of weightlessness on the immune system

For a long time scientists are studying the effects of weightlessness on the organs and systems of the human body. Not so long ago, the question was raised about the effects of weightlessness on the bodies immunity. It is known that in the state of weightlessness, the immune system is weakened, however, a causal relationship has not been determined.

Scientists will try to find the answer to this question in the experiment, the "CellBox Mission". Immunity will be studying right on the international space station, which has already delivered the necessary equipment. The results of the research are managed by a team of scientists from the University of Zurich.

The first stage of laboratory research has shown that during weightlessness immune cells work differently. Broken cell functions, some of which are restored for a long time. Phagocytes, for example, fail to properly capture the alien particles.

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The experiment on the International space station will be designed to study the work of phagocytes in conditions of weightlessness. The study will help to understand the nature of biological processes on the planet.

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