Scientists are investigating new drugs against AIDS

Recent research Gladstone helped make a real breakthrough in the field of study AIDS and HIV. It is now clear how the virus provokes the death of immune cells. In addition, scientists have discovered the mechanism of suppression of the virus by appointing anti-inflammatory drugs, and informs The First Post. Today, drugs have passed the first phase of testing, and staff at the University are trying to prove the effectiveness of new agents against human immunodeficiency virus.

Protein IFI acts as a detector of viral DNA in cells infected with the virus. This process occurs immediately after infection of human rights. Further activates the caspase-1. This enzyme triggers the death of immune cells as a result of inflammation in them. New group develop drugs aimed at the inhibition of the enzyme. Already the first results in the scientific laboratory.

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HIV is a very dangerous disease for mankind. Today officially registered 35,3 million infected with a virus. According to some real number of infected twice. More than half of patients do not have access to drug therapy. The task of scientists, doctors and the state to ensure optimum treatment and availability of drugs for each person infected with human immunodeficiency virus.

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