Affecting only one protein, it is possible to achieve the complete disappearance of effects of toxicosis of pregnant women. So say scientists from the University of Iowa. Protein copeptin is one of the products of organisatorischen (WUAs) which causes preeclampsia or toxemia.

Preeclampsia is expressed in high blood pressure, the appearance of protein in urine, headaches, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. The toxicity has a negative impact on the body, unborn child, and the pregnant woman, writes Science World Report. In severe cases of pregnancy sickness can lead to death of the fetus or the women.

Scientists noticed that the rats throughout pregnancy WUA, suffered complications during the bearing of posterity. This suggested to experts that the substance involved in the occurrence of toxicity. Now need to figure out how protein affects the pregnancy. Further, it is possible to develop special tests for pregnant women.

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