Scientists are in the process of creating a new method of diagnosis of asthma

The diagnosis of "bronchial asthma" soon there will be blood. Current methods of diagnosis of this disease is quite primitive and have a number of drawbacks. On a new method to identify asthma tells the Internet-the edition

To call this test easy not bring. Scientists plan to investigate changes in microRNA cells for the diagnosis of bronchial asthma. The degree of activity of certain genes determines the presence or absence of the disease. This information specialists and will use when creating the test.

First studies have already passed. They included 35 patients with asthma and 25 people with allergic rhinitis have very similar symptoms. In the control group were recruited 19 volunteers without pathology of the respiratory system.

With the help of blood tests, scientists have found 30 bodies, which activity was altered in the presence of bronchial asthma.

Now talking about continuing research in this area. In the near future, scientists hope that medicine will receive the most accurate method for detection of asthma.

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