Scientists are going to record the dependence selfie from the list of mental diseases

The world health organization is going to add to the list of mental disorders not only Internet addiction, but dependence on the selfie. The doctors are now reviewing the classification of diseases ICD-11. It is likely that it will include new deviations in the psyche.

"Internet addiction will be included in a new classification, as it has the same principles as psychological and chemical dependency. It is close to gambling. Now ICD-11 peer reviewed in different countries. Treatment mainly includes psychotherapy and psychotropic drug use to relieve the craving and obsessive thoughts. When a person is addicted, he directs all the thoughts only on getting pleasure. The drugs allow the patient to think and concentrate on something else in your life," says the chief psychiatrist of Moscow Boris Tsygankov. And while Internet addiction remains a profile of psychologists.

The most common types of Internet addiction researchers attribute the dependence on porn sites, virtual sex, social networks, web surfing, online games, sms. Perhaps in the coming years will open up a psychological service at MSU. M. V. Lomonosov, which will assist in including patients with computer addiction.

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