Scientists are already close to the opening of the method sparing radiotherapy for the throat

A group of scientists of the Medical center of the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) achieved the first successful results when solving the problem of collapsing the salivary glands during treatment of tumors in the neck and head.

About this discovery they were reported at the conference of the European society of Oncology and radiotherapy, which in may of this year was held in Barcelona.

The traditional method of treating disease group Oncology character in the neck and head - radiotherapy almost half of the cases becomes the cause of destruction of the salivary glands, the so-called "syndrome dry mouth, accompanied by many problems. It occurs when the lack of normal moisture salivary fluid of the mouth, and, as a consequence, you receive a number of negative consequences: difficulty chewing and subsequent digestion, difficulty with sleep, tooth decay, bad breath. The reason for the lack of the required amount of salivary fluid is the destruction of the paired parotid salivary glands due to the use of radiotherapy. Current ways of dealing with the "syndrome dry mouth ineffective and patients cost hundreds, and sometimes thousands of euros per year.

The scientists, led by Dr. Peter van Luc focused on a different level "restoration" of the salivary glands when exposed to different radiation doses on different parts of the head and neck. They discovered that in tissues of mice, rats and humans, stem cells were located mainly in the Central section of the main duct of the parotid gland. However, through high-precision irradiation by protons in the Central division of cancer resulted in a significant reduction in the production of salivary fluid. It turned out that at the exact selection of the intensity of radiation therapy, there is a possibility to save the population of stem cells that are responsible for quick restoration of the normal Department of saliva.

The study of tissue samples of patients, played on rodents showed the effects of different radiation doses on different areas of the salivary glands. It turned out that the wealthiest stem cells are Central zone of the gland. Based on the above, scientists have created a mathematical model of calculating the position of the salivary glands when exposed to different radiation doses and exposure to different areas of the head and neck. As suggested by Dr. van Luc: "the Basic approach in combating symptoms dry mouth" is the best impact on the Central zone synovioma glands for advanced study which is to produce a series of clinical trials".

"Stem cells, as you know, is not the first "special" cells, and they give rise to all cell types in our body and are responsible for the recovery of the body after it (the body) suffered any disease. For this reason, the Dutch scientists attached a huge effort to save as much as possible personal stem cells of patients during the process of passing him another course of radiotherapy.

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Another unique opportunity for the safety of their own stem cells is umbilical cord blood of the newborn, with subsequent isolation of this so sensitive "material" of stem cells, and then and cryogenic storage of cells frozen in a cryo-Depositary. Today, about 10 thousand families Ukraine already storing these precious "deposits" for their children," says Andrew Lakhturov CEO of Family cord blood Bank "Hemafund".

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