Scientists are advised not to play too much with their children

British scientist David Whitebread sure that he had found the chief error in rearing the young geniuses. In his opinion, shouldn't have too much time to devote cooperative games with a small child and spend with him all my free time.

In the learning process it is important to be one and to make decisions independently, albeit in the form of games. The only way the intellect will develop quickly enough, and the child will begin to quickly master new skills.

David Whitebread believes that being a parent is near impossible because of the development of the child's leadership skills and ability to make decisions independently. As a result, in adolescence, such a child will be harder to learn and to Express themselves.

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Of course, the conclusions of the specialist ambiguous. There are different characters and personality types. Someone needs a maximum of parental attention. Someone can play alone most of his free time. However, the complete care of all the failures and difficulties of life does not allow you to bring up really smart and free of judgments and actions of the child.

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