Scientists: apples strengthen the cardiovascular system

British scientists conducted a study and found that apples is able to significantly improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels. In particular, there is a decrease in the risk of heart attack by 12% of those who each day begins with a single Apple.

As it turned out, the whole thing in a large amount of potassium. This fruit is acting as pharmaceutical preparations containing this metal. Potassium is necessary for normal functioning of the heart muscle and its contraction. In addition, this connection strengthens blood vessels and helps in the prevention of hypertension and anemia.

In the study, the researchers calculated that an Apple a day after 50 years can prevent 8.5 thousand heart attacks in the UK alone. This allows us to say with confidence that this fruit is very useful for human body.

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In addition, apples have antioxidant properties and vitamins, providing a tonic effect.

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