Scientists: ants and spiders help people to deal with garbage

Spiders, flies, cockroaches and ants - bearers of modern cities. Insects recycle tons of food waste in large cities. Information was obtained while conducting research in new York.

Biologists laid out the pieces of food on the streets of Manhattan. In dry paved areas without trees lived most hungry insects. They ate in two times more than the insect inhabitants of the Park areas.

The phenomenon scientists explain the harsh conditions of city streets. Food on the paved area smaller. It creates some competition among insects, making them more voracious.

On separating lines of the streets in 150 blocks from Broadway to West street insects absorb one ton of food waste. Note, residents of Manhattan produce about 4.5 million tons of garbage, so the role of insects is so modest. Scientists are encouraged to think of each person on the ecology of the city in which he resides.

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