Scientists: anti-cholesterol makes people lazy

Statins are the means for reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood. As it turned out, they reduce human motivation to exercise, reports The Daily Mail. Scientists insist on an integrated approach to the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system is among the tablets is not always possible to achieve a positive effect.

In some cases, statins cause muscle pain (side effect of the drugs). The presence of pain causes the patient to refrain from physical exertion, often it ends up excess weight in the abdomen that worsens during angina and other heart disease.

Muscle pain is accompanied by up to a third of patients taking statins. Many say that they have become more apathetic, tired. Data were proven during the examination more than three thousand people aged 65 years.

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Take statins reduced physical activity of a person in an average of 40 minutes per week, equivalent to 2.5 hours walk. The most significant decrease of activity was observed in people who have just started taking the drug. Scientists advise doctors with caution statins, studying all the indications and possible side effects.

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