Scientists answered the question with a benefit from drinking coffee

The drink was really useful. The results of this work tells the publication UCSF. Coffee, according to the data, not exacerbates changes in heart and vessels. And stimulating effect in combination with antioxidants strengthens the whole body and improves mood.

In the study, scientists have shown that regular consumption of coffee does not affect the probability of occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. As they don't affect our "engine" tea or chocolate.

Moreover, quality coffee contains substances that activate the muscle cells of the heart. Coffee stimulates urine production, which reduces the likelihood of swelling. However, to abuse the drink, scientists do not recommend coffee in large amounts can lead to dehydration.

Limit consumption of caffeinated drinks should in high blood pressure, not to create additional risks of stroke heart attack. Otherwise, experts consider that drinking coffee may even need to give preference to high-quality varieties.

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